The Fully Rounded Musician

I have recently returned from a presentation tour in Hong Kong, Singapore and China where, as in the UK, thousands of candidates present themselves for music exams each year. 

The best players on both sides of the world achieve a remarkable standard. Sometimes in the UK we hear imaginative playing that is not always supported by disciplined technical preparation; sometimes in the Far East we hear remarkably well disciplined technical work that lacks musical imagination. The best players from all around the world play with both assured technique and with expressive insight. They are also usually the performers who have integrated their musical skills i.e. scales/ arpeggios, sight reading, aural work, grasp of theory, musicianship skills, understanding of style & musical context etc all inform their playing. 

At Music Matters we are working hard to build a solid bank of teaching films that provide all the support needed to equip the fully integrated musician. Take a look at our video tutorials to see the range of courses on offer to assist in that ambition. 

Good luck with all your music making.