Webinar - How to write a Fugue

Learn this straightforward process for composing a fugue and start writing great counterpoint.

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Would you like to know exactly how to write a Fugue?...

Want to know your Subject from your Answer?

Your Regular Countersubject from your Irregular Countersubject?

Your Stretto from your False Entry?

Your Augmentation from your Diminution?

Your Middle Entry from your Final Entry?

Fugues are interweaving, flowing lines of music based on a common musical theme. Though they've inspired some of the greatest artistic creativity in music history, they're actually structured in a very logical way. This will be a very practical webinar, in which we explore the do’s and dont’s of Fugue Subject construction and the implications of that Subject for the key of the Answer and in establishing when to write a Real Answer and when to write a Tonal Answer. We will then explore how to write a Countersubject that has contrasting character and that works in invertible counterpoint. Having established the essentials, we will then get into constructing the rest of the Fugue. It all sounds complicated but you'll soon be writing your own Fugues!

During this session we'll cover...

Writing a good Subject

Creating melodic shape, rhythm character and a balance between conjunct and disjunct movement.

Deciding on an Answer

Should I write and answer in the Dominant or Subdominant? Real or a Tonal?


Writing a countersubject with contrasting character and the potential to invert.

Episodes and Middle Entries

Deciding on which material to use for Episodes and how to evolve it. Choosing keys for Middle Entries.

Final Sections

How to get into the Final Section and how to finish a Fugue.

Live Q&A

Live Q&A with Gareth to answer any question you have about writing fugues.

Your Instructor

Gareth Green
Gareth Green

Hi, I’m Gareth and I'm passionate about developing ‘the all round musician’.

Nearly 35 years of music examining with ABRSM, work with the BBC on Radio and TV, experience on the international concert platform, as a published composer and arranger, have brought rich resources to the 40 years of teaching in which I've engaged.

Scholarships at The Royal College of Music, Oxford University and St. Paul’s Cathedral gave me fantastic opportunities to learn from the best musicians, scholars and teachers. Working as Director of Music at Queen Elizabeth Grammar School then provided a wonderful opportunity to develop my teaching skills.

Teaching individuals and groups of all ages, and at all stages of development have refined a teaching approach that I hope is fun and engaging, and focused on explaining things clearly and logically. And that is what these courses are all about - understanding the basic principles with clarity, then going deeper, applying them to your musical life and liberating yourself as a musician.

It’s a rich and amazing journey, and I can’t wait for you to join me today!

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