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Music lessons and training taught live online by ABRSM Examiner Gareth Green.

Performers Workshop

Saturday the 30th of March - 13:00-15:00 GMT

Who is this for?... Any performer working in any style on any instrument or voice as a soloist or ensemble wanting to discuss their playing, singing, and interpretation, and to receive evaluative feedback. Anybody who would rather not submit their own performing but who would be interested in how to refine the ability to evaluate their own performing or the performing of others. Anybody wanting to ask questions about any aspect of performance.

This webinar is for performers of all levels. You may have started quite recently and are wanting to check out that good early habits are in place. Or you might have been playing for years, wanting to look at the finer points of interpretation. You may be working on your own or with a teacher. You may be preparing for an exam, an audition, or a performance. Share your performance and hear what others are doing. All participants will be invited to comment positively, and Gareth will give helpful feedback. Gareth is an experienced performer, having played as a soloist and accompanist all over the world. His involvement has embraced Cathedral music, and work with the BBC. He has released various recordings and has played on National Radio stations. He was one of the youngest recipients of the Fellowship Diploma, has 40 years experience as a teacher, and 30 years experience as an ABRSM examiner.

During this LIVE event, we're going to cover...


Accuracy of notes, rhythms and challenges


Suitability of tempo and rhythmic flexibility


Quality and variety of tone with performance


Subtlety and range of dynamics and articulation


Reasoning that leads to Interpretation decisions

Live Q&A

Live Q&A with Gareth to answer any question you have about performance.

"I’ve never taken part in a webinar before, but I thought it was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! THANK YOU!"

- Sarah B.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a webinar?
A webinar is an interactive online video workshop that's streamed and presented live. It's just like watching a video on YouTube, with everything happening live in real-time!
How do I watch the webinar?
Once you've signed up to join us you'll receive an email receipt containing your private watch link. Simply click the watch link on the day and join us live.
What if I'm not free on that day?
Don't worry, we'll be recording the whole event so even if you can't make it, you can watch it back whenever you wish!
Can I replay the webinar after it's finished?
Absolutely, you'll have unlimited lifetime access to the webinar recording, across any and all the devices you own.
Can I ask questions as you go?
You sure can! That's what's so great about webinars! You're free to type questions and post comments as we go in the chat for Gareth to answer.
How do I submit my performance for the webinar?
Participants are invited to submit a score and a recording of any musical performance to the webinar - it might be just a piece you've started learning or one you've been playing for years - and Gareth will give helpful feedback on aspects of the performance. Please submit your work by Friday March 29th to

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