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How to Write Music Like Mozart

Saturday the 24th of November - 13:00-15:00 GMT

Would you like to learn to compose like Mozart?... What can we learn from Mozart’s approach that would work in any compositional style? Would you like to explore the inner details of Mozart’s writing in order to understand the compositional process? What makes Mozart such a genius at writing music?

We are going to spend this webinar taking a close look at Mozart’s Piano Sonata in Bb in order to unlock the compositional secrets of arguably the greatest composer who ever lived. Join us to discover the golden answers to these and to many other questions that will transform your understanding and ability to write music.

During this LIVE event, we're going to reveal the secrets of...


How Mozart arranges the external and internal structure of his music.

Melody Writing

Discover how he writes the most amazing melodies.

Harmonic Choices

Find out all about his approach to tonality, keys, and chords.

Texture & Detail

See and hear how he organises such exquisite textures, dynamics and phrasing detail.

Rhythmic Structure

Find out how Mozart invents and develops rhythmic ideas to create variety and energy in his music.

Live Q&A

Live Q&A with Gareth to answer any question you have about writing in the style of Mozart.

"I’ve never taken part in a webinar before, but I thought it was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! THANK YOU!"

- Sarah B.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a webinar?
A webinar is an interactive online video workshop that's streamed and presented live. It's just like watching a video on YouTube, with everything happening live in real-time!
How do I watch the webinar?
Once you've signed up to join us you'll receive an email receipt containing your private watch link. Simply click the watch link on the day and join us live.
What if I'm not free on that day?
Don't worry, we'll be recording the whole event so even if you can't make it, you can watch it back whenever you wish!
Can I replay the webinar after it's finished?
Absolutely, you'll have unlimited lifetime access to the webinar recording, across any and all the devices you own.
Can I ask questions as you go?
You sure can! That's what's so great about webinars! You're free to type questions and post comments as we go in the chat for Gareth to answer.

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